Thursday, May 8, 2008

CD cover

I designed a CD cover for Justin Timberlake, a different cover for his latest album "FUTURESEX/LOVESOUNDS". My goal was to reflect his style and his music with my design, and tried to keep it simple, but modern. At the end, I believe that I created this new cover that reflects his style, and consistent with his previous album covers.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Janet Jackson "Control"

A design of Janet Jackson's album "Control" that was released in 1986. It dealt with her independence, and is considered her first successful album. My goal was to make it seem like it was designed during that time, with the same kind of style of the original album.


Looking outside from a car window,
thinking about life, love, and others..
Sometimes all you have to do is to
chill,relax,and think about the good moments in life ...

With my design I tried to reflect the comfort and also communicate the simpleness in enjoying the brand. It was photo that I took in a car and I thought it would work as a good Converse ad.

Sonic Poster!

Not So Perfect

This image was directly inspired by the famous melodramatic imagery of the 1950's. Here I chose to design an image, which reflects the iconic look of the 1950's American housewife. But instead of using vibrant colors, I opted to make it appear more faded and weathered. The main theme that's vested within the image is that beneath the surface of even the most perfect looking things, there lies a truth that is far from meets the eye.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 come visit me please. :)

CD over for Rasputina's single, Leechwife.

This is a sequence with out words to represent the seasons using color. I used pictures that i had taken in the past and photo manipulated them in photoshop using filters.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

This is the editorial image I did for the UFO magazine. The Alien is trying to appear more human by wearing the glasses with a fake nose and mustache, and combed his antennas over like a man that's going bald. In the article the human who claimed to be abducted by Aliens over the years said they're actually trying to help us from destroying our planet. I made the Alien in the form of a psychiatrist in order to show that he's trying to help the mankind.

I was looking to capture the fantastic world of a dream. I looked to authentic 1960's black light posters for inspiration. I tried incorporating the style of Dr. Seuss to affect the mood of the scene.