Monday, December 19, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Environmental Poster

I decided to take a simplistic, straightforward approach to advocating for the social cause of global warming.

"Tempesta"- Storm

What's for lunch?

Ristorante Bodoni

True Colors

Eszter Zetelaki Inspired

"Save Your Breath"

"Lost At Sea"

"Little Brown Girl"

"Her Taste Of Freedom"

"The New Anti-LGBTQ Law and North Carolina"

"Help For Flint"

Piñata Cheese Grater

The second piñata of the set of London-inspired installation art.  In London, I was inspired by companies such as Confetti Systems, which has created installation piñata art in stores, for concerts, and more.  Their work inspired me to test out this medium.

This particular piece was inspired by a building, called the Cheese Grater. The city has great names for their buildings, but hearing them with a foreign ear can leave one thinking...'are we in a city...or a kitchen pantry?' (no rights to images of actual buildings).