Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Cover

A book cover, for a book about the timeline of the famous band, The Beatles.

Fox Sequence

An abstract of the classic tail of a fox, who couldn't reach the grape vine.

Metro Zoo Giraffe

Feed The giraffe at the Miami Metro Zoo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Personal Mythologies

This piece is inspired by Toni Morrison's book, The Bluest Eye where they use the child series Dick and Jane in the beginning of the book. During the 1950s, the Dick and Jane series was used in schools (of any race) to teach children how to read; however, the books show how the perfect family is white with a white picket fence, and this idea isolates many other cultures that they are not perfect. Toni Morrison implies this in the beginning of the book by manipulating the type. First it starts correct, then the text is repeated without punctuation, then it is repeated again without spacing or punctuation to imply that the Dick and Jane creates a society without individuality that conforms to an unrealistic ideal of society. I wanted to recreate this idea with different typography and images to convey this message and deconstruct the original image from the Dick and Jane books. - Erin Evon

Golden Mean

This piece is created by using The Golden Mean. I loved the above image of Zooey Deschanel by Ellen Von Unwerth that gives her a 1920s look. I tried to give that element to the piece with the typography and a fun modern spin in the corner to illustrate Zooey Deschanel as a combination of old and new because she is often inspired by old music, clothes etc. in a modern music world. - Erin Evon


This is the cut out stencil I created! I love Wes Anderson's movies, and I've always been fond of this image in general. The Darjeeling Limited is a great movie that has inspired a lot of graphic design inspiration (including my cereal box for ART 391) and if you haven't seen it, go on Netflix, your local DVD retailer or Amazon and check out the movie along with Wes Anderson's other films including: The Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore, and Bottle Rocket among others. - Erin Evon


Here is the alphabet I created by squares repeated in a checker board fashion. I enjoyed making this piece although I found it every difficult to create individuality and identity for the letters. I tried by placing the black and white in a fashion to give almost a 3D pop effect with the texture of the letters even though they are just squares. - Erin Evon

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self Promotion

I created a postcard for my self promotion piece in order to leave behind something that represents my style of design :)

3D Type

Candara Font


For my self-promotion item, I created a postcard with my favorite underwater photograph in the front. I enjoy all types of photography, from photo journalism, to fine art, to underwater, photo illustration and more. But this photograph happens to be my all time favorite photograph, and it was one of my first underwater photographs that I took when I first learned the world of underwater photography.

Sketches-Marry Poppins and the Little Mermaid

I was looking through my sketchbook and came across these two sketches and I really wanted to add them to the blog because they were two of my favorite sketches from the semester. The Marry Poppins sketch was the very first drawing I did during the first day of class. I didn't think I could draw and so this was a challenge but fun. The little mermaid was my first attempt at watercoloring, and I made it a sequence in order to tell a story.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Allison Brown's Redesigned Portfolio

My new portfolio is at, and my mobile website is at

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coffee Book

This is the coffee book spread I created. This is an image of Granada that I took while I was in Spain over Spring Break. I think the photo is stunning, so I had to make it the main focus of the spread. I started a brief comment of the photo on the right that would continue with pictures from Granada on the following spreads in a 4 column grid. - Erin Evon
Here is a print ad I made for American Red Cross inspired by the Cherry Blossoms of Japan, and I placed it on what looks to be an ocean type background like the island of Japan. This was made for typography in terms of forming text out of a different object. I took the picture of the Cherry Blossoms and created vector masks, then played with bevel/emboss and drop shadows to give the text a feeling as if it were "floating" on the ocean. I am currently making complimentary ads to go along with this one!

Branding Guide

Holiday Greeting Card

ART493 Illustration
Nicole Severi

I wanted to design a card cover that I would actually purchase during the holidays. I do not come from a very religious family and my area is very diverse so I like cards that are spiritual but not too focused on religion.

Melting Peace

ART493 Illustration
Nicole Severi

Electric Shoe

ART493 Illustration
Nicole Severi

I created this Nike sneaker using colored pencil, fashioned after Milton Glaser's techniques.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


As a BFA student, I take a lot of art classes, ranging from photography, to illustration, to graphic design. So, when creating a self-promotional card, I wanted to incorporate the different types of work that I have done. I created this in photoshop and added the art projects that I have created this semester.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Poster

493 Illustration
Nicole Severi

I wanted to make an earth day poster that was very simple and clean. The message is very straightforward and shows people that anyone can do something small to help planet earth.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter - postcard

Greeting Cards

This week is full of religious holidays, and in honor of the holidays, I created two different Passover greeting cards for the Passover holiday. Most of my family lives in South Africa, and so we never get to spend Passover together since they are so far away. So, we rely on cards to send our warm wishes for the holiday. Therefore I created these playful fun cards for my family.

The Last Ice Cream

Maria Luiza Barreto - Earth Day Poster - 4/21/2011

Nordstrom Poster/Pop Art Assignment

This photograph is an advertisement for Nordstroms. The project was to try incorporate pop art qualities into a poster or design. I used an underwater photograph that I had taken, and tried to incorporate a pop art feel. I also did another poster and I wanted it to use an Andy Warhol influence, and so I used these four colorful photographs as an advertisement for a candy store.

Earth Day Posters-Sagette Van Embden

Earth day is this friday, April 22nd, and this week I have already seen 3 advertisements for movies that are opening this friday in honor of earth day. When designing a poster for earth day, I wanted to make two different options, one that I felt was more of the standard, and the other which I wanted to use to help people become more active, fit, and healthy in honor of earth day. Both of these posters were created in photoshop, and I used my own photography to help with the designing of the posters.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Retribution Is Certain"

Illustrated Sequence
Nicole Severi

This sequence depicts the fable of the Goat and the Vine. As the story goes, a goat greedily eats away at the vine's leaves until there are almost none left. The grape vine is distraught but knows he'll have the last laugh because his wine will be used during the goat's sacrifice.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Small Type

this is the wrapper of a chocolate line I created to feature how small type is used for packaging purposes.

Experimenting with color

This is a drawing done in class, experimenting with the use of color...

Hebrew Alphabet

For our alphabet project I decided to create the hebrew alphabet in illustrator, using one specific letter as the "root" to build the rest of the letters. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, five of them have different forms when they are used at the end of a word. Hebrew is written from right to left. There are a lot of orthographic variants of each letter, so for this example I decided to do a serif typeface of the alphabet.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gig and her swimming lesson-Sequence

This is a story about a little girl named Gigi who is learning how to swim. She is full of personality and absolutely loves her swimming lessons. When I was taking photographs of her, I decided that putting several of the photos together into a sequence would be a good way to show the story of Gigi and her swimming lesson.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still-Life- Three Big Pears

Still-Life Oil Painting on Canvas

My Inspiration, the Pear Tree and one of my favorite fruits. The Pear Tree are revered for their strength and fortitude, and thus have been used as symbols in writing and mythology since earliest times. The symbolism of the pear tree, in particular, has influenced cultures and religious faiths across the world.

Color Palette: Primary oil colors red, blue and yellow/ Secondary black and white

The Alchemist

The Alchemist named Paulo - Inspired by the book the Alchemist an allegorical novel written by Paulo Coelho first published in 1988.

Illustration Watercolors and ink


Illustration- Mix Media /Gouache watercolors

Color Palette- Ink,pencil, Charcoal/ Gouache watercolors yellow/ secondary black and white

Desire -The Beloved to Her Lover

Inspiration Songs of Songs 1:2;

Illustration Acyclic on Canvas:
Color palette: Primary colors/ black & white

Still-Life One Orange, Three Plums and Vase

Still- Life oil painting, inspiration Es, Jacob Van Still-Life of Grapes, Plums and Apples. My arrangement of design; allegorical symbolism relating to the objects I depicted: One single Orange; Three Plums and a Vase.

Orange is a color of healing, increases your craving of food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. The creativity I needed for my first oil still-life painting. In China, the plum tree is the symbol for the Tree of Life, the color purple stands for judgment, the judgment that would come from the "art critic" observing this painting. In this composition I felt that my arrangement of design was a representation of the way I felt at the moment, at times blissful and at times out of breath. The Vase, kept me balanced and restored some new meaning to my life, one of magic, intuition, fecundity and advantage.

Oil Colors/ Palette: primary colors; red, blue and yellow/ Secondary Hues black &