Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crest: A Smile through Time

A Child's Winter

Shadow Bitmap Alphabet

The Abaconian

Redesign of Florida License

The Roots of Trash Reach Deep

"Abhorsen" by Garth Nix

A View of Santa Monica Beach

Little Aggie's Magic Shop

The Happy Son

Battle Royal: Android vs. Apple

A Tree In A Storm

The Unseen Thailand

"Pack Howl Off" - Stencil Project - Kamilah Acebal

Spray Paint on butter board.

"1 a.m." (original) - Music Video of my sister Catalina Acebal - Dir. Kamilah Acebal

"1 a.m." Music Video

Click on text above to open video

For my animation I originally planned to film my sister playing her song and then put special effects that would make the video appear sketched through Adobe After Effects.. but due to lack of time and little knowledge of program, that stage in the production was not completed.  This is the regular video, and the special effects I will make a winter break project :-)

"A Heroic Embrace" - Hero Drawing - Kamilah Acebal

Drawing of Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) - graphite pencil on sketch paper.

"Slow and Steady Wins the Race" - Visualization of Puerto Rican Fable - Kamilah Acebal

Water colors and pen contouring.

"Eastern Heights" - Kamilah Acebal

Color pencil with pen contouring.

"Call of the Wild" - Kamilah Acebal

Hybrid drawing - soft pastels and then photoshopped.

"Leaf Your Mark" Sustainability Poster by Vanessa Street

"Cityscape" by Vanessa Street

"Break a Leg" by Vanessa Street

About my Business, Business Card. Vanessa Street



"I Wish I Bought That Hat" by Vanessa Street

"Cup-o-Tea" by Vanessa Street

"Fiona: Princess, Mother, Icon" by Vanessa Street

"XBOX Killer" by Vanessa Street

"Lord of the Flies" by Vanessa Street

Ballet Dancer

When Clothes No Longer Make The Man

Green City!

The Arrival

Lost In The Garden



Earthday Poster

Maseca- Culture, Home, Family (Madeline Gonzalez)

Sketch and Illustrator Mockup of a Lip Balm Container by Arielle Ray

Be Responsible (Everglades)

PAMM Street Banner (Madeline Gonzalez)

Spaghetti Font by Arielle Ray