Sunday, December 17, 2023

Editorial Huntington Beach will let neighbors censor neighbors' reading choices


Trouble Dinosaur's First Day of School - Children's Book by Anjolie Scott


Magical Forest

 In this graphic novel without words, a cat explores a magical forest and discovers it is on the back of a giant turtle. 

Jurassic Park




Modern Myth

 A modern interpretation of the Filipino myth of the Bakunawa, a serpent-dragon that causes earthquakes and tries to eat the moon. Instead of banging pots and pans to scare it away and have it spit out the full moon, this interpretation plays loud music instead. 

Red Riding Hood

 This is the reimagined, reversed fable of Little Red Riding Hood, but this time the wolves are warned of a stranger, a dangerous hunter. 

Community Meal


Post Malone


Bowling For Bad News Comic


Explosion of Gambling (Watercolors)


Howl's Moving Castle Poster


Bob Marley Street Art


Will AI's Replace Artists?


The Magician