Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A River. One is made with mixed media, tempera paint, markers, spray paint, and magazine clippings; the other is a representation of the image in Illustrator using words.

Trajan Pro

Poster for the font Trajan Pro, designed as movie poster since it is one of the most over used fonts for movie posters and logos.

Architecture Newspaper

Newspaper layout highlighting architecture. The contrast between the text and the images is meant to be representative of a building and the sky behind.

Greening the Miami Waterfront

This is a satire on Miami-Dade's concept of reinvigorating and greening the waterfront - a school-wide study that architecture students were working on Fall 2007.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Jail Break Skateboards"

Using the famous mario characters, I created a group sketch and turned them into two seperate skateboard design. The top one with color, and the bottom one using black and white.

"Freedom of Art"

This graffiti was inspired by the freedom posters at the Wolfsonian. I wanted to approach the concept with the negativity surrounding graffiti and try and break away from that mold with something vibrant.

"Street Warrior"

This is a graffiti I designed to use as a poster, street warrior concept directed around skateboarding.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Newspaper Layout

This layout was inspired by my trip to Chicago this past April, and last year in November. The article is about what an incredible place the city is, and how EVERYONE should visit. The pictures were shot with film, and show a side of Chicago that is not often seen.

"Do Cry O.S.M."

This is my take on the Bauhaus Square.
Mixing a bit of old saying with my sense of whit.
(The image is by Scott Peterson)
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typo project made of typo

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Patty-cake Illustration

Patty-cake is a classic English nursery rhyme that many have heard as a child. I illustrated this nursery rhyme as a page from Mother Goose. Since this nursery rhyme is usually accompanied by a clapping game, I wanted to convey this to children learning this rhyme for the first time. And since children are my target audience, I chose pastel colors as my palette.

"Ladybug Love"

“Ladybug Love” is a short four-panel sequence story for a children’s book. Before a child begins to learn how to read, he/she can comprehend stories within a picture. That is why this story has a comic-style layout that begins and ends on the same page. Since this is targeted for children, I chose pastel colors for the background and red as a vibrant element that will capture the child’s interest and attention.

"Catcher In The Rye" book cover by Zureyka.

This piece is a book cover that I designed for the classic novel The Catcher In The Rye. In this story, Holden Caulfield envisions himself standing on a cliff in a field of rye with children playing tag around him. And as these children stray to the edge, he would catch and save them from falling. However, due to his psychological instability, Holden is the one that needs rescuing. And his younger sister Phoebe is the one that tries to rescue him.
inforgraphic jam. you know you wanna hate

magazine layout

things i've learned in my life so far

the only constant is change

newspaper layout

people people people people, paper paper paper paper. put the people with the paper, then you stick them with the tape (the tape of love (the sticky stuff)).



We created words or letter forms with found materials outdoors. I picked the bench outside of the art building and utilized rocks that are adjacent to the porch to create the word "Eternal". The usage of rocks was meant to represent that the bench has been visited, although the people that were once there no longer remain. In a sense then, it is the bench that is eternal, and those that have visited are merely small fractions in time.

here's a drawing i did. it has nothing to do with my classes, but it is awesome anyway.

here is a book cover. it's pretty bad-ass

Purple Chic

El Mercurio Re-Intrepretation

By Fabian Alcantara
Art 591

El Mercurio is a conservative Chilean newspaper with editions in Valparaíso and Santiago. It was founded in 1827. It is one of the oldest circulated newspapers in the Spanish language, circulating about 1 million copies a week.

The web version of El Mercurio has 3 parts. The online version of the newspaper (, the digital version ( which provides news and other local advertisements, and a interactive version of the print newspaper.

The online version of El Mercurio needed some help. It lacked texture and feel of the print version. Specifically, it lacked a grid layout that is critical in newspaper design. In keeping its conservative appeal, a re-interpretation was made of the high circulated newspaper.

The goal of the re-interpretation is how to bring the look and feel of the print version to the web. In doing so, it will stir readers who love the print version to try and read the online version.

This re-interpretation was inspired by looking at other online newspaper sites such as The New York Times Online, The Guardian UK, and

Link (Firefox preferred):
El Mercurio Re-Interpretation

Anime Chic

The Twins - Plotting Santa

Book illustration proposal. Mischievous twins plot how to hunt Santa and his reindeer. Based on a true story of my grandmother's experience growing up on a farm.

The Eye

Drunken Squirrel Logo

Jazz Band

Inspired by the Illustration work of Peitari Posti, this is an illustration regarding human relationships as well as gestures. The original sketch was in pen, and blocks of colors were outlined in PSD.


This was my first large scale (24x19) attempt working with pen, ink, charcoal and pencil. It will be used for a Job Fair poster.

A watercolor and ink editorial on the Women's Gymnastics controversy during the 2008 Beijing Olympics
This is an editorial image representing " Mr. Joe Six-Pack". I used the theme of this years election, to depict a satirical image of what "common" America is. Absolutely Disgusting. I used pen and ink with watercolor, and used Ralph Steadman for inspiration with the ink blots.


this it the thing that carlos said to do. i did it. then he said to put it on this blog. i did that too. i feel that his powers of persuasion are very well developed.

Sushi Menu Set