Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stephanie Colbert

World Flag competition, ADBUSTERS.COM 2008

alex barron's magazine spread

Lauren Whiddon's Magazine Spread

MariaJose's Editorial

MariaJose's Book Illustration

Holly Max

Mariajose's Book Cover - La Pobre Viejecita

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My blog, has all kinds of stuff.

Julie's Book Cover for Spring Awakening

Julie's botanical Illustration

Julie's children's book

This is a watercolor illustration showing the relationship between two flowers with human like mannerisms. To go along with it, I wrote a short story and created a layout as it would appear in a story book.

Khiem's The Zune is Doomed!! and Vietnam

This article talks about how the Microsoft Zune cannot compete in the MP3 player market. The Apple Ipod is cooler, sexier, and more popular than the zune.

This is a depiction of two Vietnamese Soldiers ( One from North, the other from the South) embracing each other  because of the hardships of the war. It is about how brothers and families were torn because of the war.

Brett Hirschberg's Posterization Assignment

Bogart & Bergman, Posterized.

Brett Hirschberg's Directorial Debut

Coming to Theaters Near You this Summer!

Brett Hirschberg's Editorial & Field's of Power

Front Page of the NYTimes the morning of November 5th, 2009!

Brett Hirschberg's children's book


Brett Hirschberg's Book Jacket Illustration

The Evening King - David LaRochelle, Redesigned Book Cover Illustration

Cornelia: the Horned Beauty

Alex Lee: Editorial

Kaki's stuff

Narrative through body language

A book cover for Sigmund Freud's the Interpretation Dreams

Laura Patricelli

"Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley book cover design:

"Time, Perception, and DNA" editorial spread
Align Center

"Passing of the Lighter" interaction study

"The Foundation of Words" posterized poster concept

Malorie: The Half Woman of France

Actual printed size 39" x 39"
This poster is all hand drawn, including the typography.
The coloring is done in Photoshop CS3.

Holly Max