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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Global Village

"McLuhan wrote that the visual, individualistic print culture would soon be brought to an end by what he called "electronic interdependence": when electronic media replacevisual culture with aural/oral culture. In this new age, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity, with a "tribal base." McLuhan's coinage for this new social organization is the global village." 1960, Wikipedia.

In Typography's special project we need to research our global village view in this link:

Abstract Self

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Women in Africa, OP ED page, New York Times

Student Art Show Flyer

Pedro Rodriguez

Student Show

Dayna Bieber


Flyer design by Emma Cason-Pratt

Student Art Show 2009
Design by: Jess Page

Original Font: Coquette

Newspaper Layout

Font Poster: Futura

Coffee Table Book

Holly Max Student Art Show Card Back

Holly Max Student Art Show Card

Khiem's Student Art Show Submission

Freak Show Girl: Lirain

This piece was all hand drawn, including the typography and then brought into the digital realm after experimenting with hand coloring. I am currently working with layering and cutouts.

Grotesque Burlesque Posters

Here are a few posters from the "Grotesque Burlesque" Series. Combining digital photography and digital illustration, I have created a series based a captured moment during the dancer's performance.


Pompeii espiritus

MUIR, This World, San Francisco Chronicle

Bosnia, OP ED, New York Times

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