Monday, April 17, 2023

Dancing in the Dark

 The rhythmic pulse of electronic music had been teetering up in intensity for an eternity, building and building until you felt like it would burst; like you found yourself slowly leaning further and further over the edge of a cliff, heart racing as gravity begs you, and your own heart commands you, to give into its power. Before you fall, you’re always weightless. You float in limbo as the music cuts and the lights of the club snuff out, the lingering glow of their dimming fire fades just as quickly as you can notice it. In the moment of anonymity of a crowd packed into this dimly lit warehouse, you rip your pierced nose up across a collared wrist and inhale a potent mixture of various carcinogens. Your nose burns as your eyes widen and your brain starts twitching, a new fire lit inside of you to move, go, keep going, never stop. Like yourself, only a fragment of their skin is covered in a fanatical arrangement of precious metals and woven plants. What’s left is soft and warm as it presses into your own flesh, grabbing and pulling you closer as you wrap your body around them. As your lids shut behind the tinted lenses on your face, you press your lips onto theirs. In your peripheral vision, a sea of arms rises and points to God. And then the beat drops.

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