Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still-Life One Orange, Three Plums and Vase

Still- Life oil painting, inspiration Es, Jacob Van Still-Life of Grapes, Plums and Apples. My arrangement of design; allegorical symbolism relating to the objects I depicted: One single Orange; Three Plums and a Vase.

Orange is a color of healing, increases your craving of food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. The creativity I needed for my first oil still-life painting. In China, the plum tree is the symbol for the Tree of Life, the color purple stands for judgment, the judgment that would come from the "art critic" observing this painting. In this composition I felt that my arrangement of design was a representation of the way I felt at the moment, at times blissful and at times out of breath. The Vase, kept me balanced and restored some new meaning to my life, one of magic, intuition, fecundity and advantage.

Oil Colors/ Palette: primary colors; red, blue and yellow/ Secondary Hues black &

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