Thursday, March 29, 2012

Magazine Spread

This is a Magazine Spread created for displaying my art.

Artist Statement:

What is art and why do we spend so much time and energy making it? Each artist may have a different intent but most importantly the freedom of expression through a creative medium is a strong driving force. Art is a broad definition for love, truth, life, energy and the freedom of nature. Everything is connected in some way meaning we all share the same energy working as a whole. More importantly the actions of each individual effect the energy around them directly and indirectly. Each action either positive or negative can have an effect on others in the present and the future. The intent of my work has been focused on creativity expressing love and truth devoted to a life of positive actions towards others. Exposing society or broadening ones perspective of our advancements, faults and surroundings can create a positive environment for inspiration. Creative expression, form, emotion, natures process, human interaction, and reaction are only a few characteristics that define what we see and feel. Art surrounds everyone on a daily basis, support and devotion of the arts could only enhance our daily environment. My art is the interpretation of the life that I lived. The people and places I have intersected with have been captured so the moment has not been lost forever. On a daily basis people constantly pass by what subconsciously effects them and these moments in time define how you interact with others. The process of my art is positive productive action.

Breaking down the art itself could help define it in more detail. Intention is extremely valuable for the end result and must be stated for each piece. After my intention has been pushed into a certain direction the effect it will have on the viewer is then considered. Some questions asked during the process could be the amount of spiritual enhancement: does it evoke happiness, strength of the human connection, the relationship of humans and nature, love, truth, and the exchange of energy? Some of my work may have more or less of each of these attributes, but there is no lack of this put into the art. The amount released to each individual viewer may vary and the most effective pieces will be overwhelming with these types of emotions.

When people begin to examine their lives some may think for themselves, others, a group or collectively as a whole. My art constantly examines life as it happens and raises questions about positivity in life. As I explore life generally my decisions are biased on the effect they could have on others and our earth. The strongest connection in my work is the implementation of water being the closest piece of nature that I interact with. Water is life for all on this earth. Everything is comprised of it and my art engages in that connection as well. Some other topics that hold the most value are love, truth, spiritual awareness, the reduction of each individuals usage, daily actions towards others, and Karma. Each individual is on this earth to create a life for themselves and the environment that surrounds them. To create a better world for everyone as a whole, each individual's life must reflect positivity, respect, and most importantly use truth as an outlet for perfection. The combination of those values and a collection of intelligent thoughts could form a set of organized ideals well projected to create a strong impact on the world in a positive way.

After the individual has been broken down to attributes, values and actions they then have to work with other people and their environment to progress. Some issues that should be addresses are the cooperation of groups and their recognition of culture, sharing of ideas, respect and sharing of values, acceptance of faults moving forward to create solutions, and the struggle of man vs. nature. These topics are constantly being pushed and pulled in different directions throughout history. Art is a tool to break down these formal issues to an abstract form and examine the behavior between humans. My focus of most projects play with the threshold of man vs. nature to expose the cross between the two. My life may be drastically different from others across the world but my art is the interpretation of the life that I lived.
-Richard M. Bassett

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