Thursday, November 6, 2008

El Mercurio Re-Intrepretation

By Fabian Alcantara
Art 591

El Mercurio is a conservative Chilean newspaper with editions in Valparaíso and Santiago. It was founded in 1827. It is one of the oldest circulated newspapers in the Spanish language, circulating about 1 million copies a week.

The web version of El Mercurio has 3 parts. The online version of the newspaper (, the digital version ( which provides news and other local advertisements, and a interactive version of the print newspaper.

The online version of El Mercurio needed some help. It lacked texture and feel of the print version. Specifically, it lacked a grid layout that is critical in newspaper design. In keeping its conservative appeal, a re-interpretation was made of the high circulated newspaper.

The goal of the re-interpretation is how to bring the look and feel of the print version to the web. In doing so, it will stir readers who love the print version to try and read the online version.

This re-interpretation was inspired by looking at other online newspaper sites such as The New York Times Online, The Guardian UK, and

Link (Firefox preferred):
El Mercurio Re-Interpretation

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