Sunday, December 11, 2011

Floor Mat

This rug is about my experience not speaking up for myself and how it taught people to metaphorically walk all over me. The text repeats, "I didn't want to make a big deal." It was designed in the shape of a breast, which is one of the most primal female forms of nurturing. This requires the sacrifice of one’s self in order to nurture another person and is often described as painful. The text was hand written with fabric paint, because it was something I learned to use at a very early age, around the same time I saw my mother "not make a big deal" out of things in order to avoid conflict. When the text begins, it is red, the color of vitality. As the pattern repeats, the text darkens as if being asphixiated. This was display at Cane Fest 2011 where viewers were not discouraged from walking on the piece. It has obtained footprints both unintentional and intentional.

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